• We provide safe and extensive care for women, children, and the whole family!

  • We offer chiropractic, physical therapy, pediatric physical therapy, mensendieck physical therapy, psychomotortherapy, and massage. We have training groups and training in infant massage. Offerings vary slightly from clinic toclinic.

  • We opened Bekken & Barn in September 2006 in Hoffsveien 13 on Skoyen.

  • Bekken & Barn now have offices in Oslo at Storo and Skøyen, Bergen and in Bærum.

  • We specialize in the study and treatment of children and pelvis related ailments.

  • We who work at Bekken & Barn have a special interest in pelvic area and children.

  • We update and further educate us so we can offer the best available help/treatment for you and your child/family.

  • We have chiropractors, special physiotherapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists on staff.

  • The chiropractor specializes in examining body´s nerve, muscle and skeletal system, and to correct malfunctions of the spine.

  • The chiropractor may refer you or your child for X-ray, MRI, physical therapy or other specialists as needed.

  • Chiropractors have extensive training and independent processing responsibility on par with doctors, dentists and psychologists.

In norwegian “bekken”= pelvic/pelvic girde, and “barn”=children, that is why we named our clinic “Bekken & Barn”.

Our focus is to help all people live a healthy life. Our vision is a good pregnancy and a good start in life. Bekken og Barn is the first chiropractic clinic in Norway that specializes in the treatment of pelvic girdle pain in pregnant women, infants and children. You can of course consult us even if you do not fall into these groups. Since 2006 we have provided over fifteen thousand treatments for children, and given nearly twenty-five thousand treatments for women before, during and after pregnancy.



Pelvic Girdle Pain