During pregnancy the body goes through substantial changes within a short period of time. The body is dependent upon a well-functioning pelvis, for it to be able to accommodate these changes in the most optimal way. For example, the spine and pelvis need to adapt to the growing belly for the body to be in balance. If the spine/body loses the ability to adapt during pregnancy, maybe due to a stiff pelvis or a tight back, there is an increased risk of developing pain and mobility-problems. The chiropractor’s role is to ensure proper function of the spine and pelvic girdle. Preferably as early on in the process of a pregnancy as possible, to avoid unnecessary pain and strain to the body.

Common complaints pregnant women consult us for:

  •  Pelvic girdle pain
  •  Pelvic misalignment
  •  Prevention of spinal- and pelvic pain
  •  Chest- and breathing pain
  •  Arm numbness
  •  Pain between the shoulder blades
  •  Symphysis pubis pain (pain at the front of the pelvis)
  •  Headache
  • Extreme pregnancy sickness