Those who only associate chiropractors with back pain are probably wondering why so many children come to see us. However, when you think about the nervous system being situated inside the spinal column and controls all of the body’s functions, one realises how dependent a child is having a back that functions optimally.

Most children and infants like receiving chiropractic treatment. We use specific light pressure when treating children; on infants rarely more pressure than you can use on a closed eye. There is, however, enough pressure to prevent or end/improve problems that the child may struggle with.

Adolescence is about growing

Adolescence is about growing up in the best possible way, and as chiropractors we can help support this phase of life by enhancing optimal function of the child’s spine and nervous system. Asymmetries, results of neck strain during birth and misalignments are some of the areas where a chiropractor can play a role in the child’s adolescent years. The sooner we are contacted, the better. During adolescence, children are exposed to various strains that require a healthy, strong back. The body corrects many misalignments by itself; some cause immediate pain and problems, while some misalignments persist but do not cause pain or problems until later in life. For preventive reasons, it is therefore advised to check the child’s spine regularly during adolescent years.

The most common childhood conditions/symptoms where chiropractic maybe helpful:

  •  Asymmetry/preferring to lie with the head to one side
  •  Colic
  • Irritability/difficult to settle in babies
  • Constipation
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Otitis media/frequent ear infections
  • Growing pains
  • Muscle-sceletal pain in children